The Moisture Engineering Institute (IF) was established in 1981 by Dr. Lars-Olof Nilsson (LON). The early activities were mainly courses, lectures and damage investigations in buildings with moisture and mould growth problems. In parallel LON did research within the Moisture Research Group in Lund (nowadays The Moisture Research Centre at Lund University). The investigations could initiate research tasks at the university and the R&D-results could be applied in practice within the activities of the Institute. These parallel activities continued during LON’s 18 years at Chalmers University of Technology 1985-2003 and thereafter at Lund University (LU).

The main focus of the activities has shifted from damage investigations to information on moisture design and calculations of moisture conditions. The experiences from the damage investigations have been structured into a methodology for diagnosis of moisture problems. This has been taught at courses for damage investigators (www.byggdoktor.com), for private companies and for Chalmers and LU.

From 2008 these activies were gradually taken over by Moistenginst AB.

Information in Swedish is available at the page ”SVENSKA”.